• LPEA Board moves ahead with Long-term Strategies Committee

    Board of Directors subcommittee to evaluate energy needs/alternatives

    The LPEA Board of Directors, at its regularly scheduled meeting today (Feb. 21, 2018), approved continuation of the Long-term Strategies Committee, consistent with the Statement of Functions and Task List developed by the subcommittee over the past month.

    The subcommittee was established during the January Board meeting, with Director Dan Huntington (District 2) tasked to head up the newly-developed entity, including Directors Guinn Unger (District 4), Britt Bassett (District 3) and Bob Lynch (District 1). The committee has returned to the full Board with a vision and mission for the Long-term Strategies Committee. Those are:

    Vision: This committee will produce a report that will examine LPEA’s financial and operational future based on several possible energy supply and distribution scenarios.

    Mission: To identify several possible energy scenarios and emerging trends that LPEA could pursue over the next 15 years.  To provide organized prediction methodologies to illustrate how LPEA’s financial and operational future might look under each of them.

    Specifically, LPEA’s staff, on behalf of the committee will compile existing data, examining trends in the areas of Load Forecast (commercial and member electricity requirements now and into the future); Current Supplier (rate projection, generation mix and all contractual involvements with wholesale power supplier Tri-State Generation and Transmission); Government Regulations (potential regulations and legislation that will affect the energy industry); Net Metering (forecasting growth of local renewable systems interconnected with LPEA’s system); Wholesale Marketplace (the overall generation market); Electric Vehicles (growth, load and availability of charging stations); Energy Storage (battery back-up technology to support renewable generation); Distributed Generation (economic development and transmission impacts as well as potential regulations); and Micro-grid and Self-generation (the possibility of LPEA’s commercial self-generation, also with an eye for the City of Durango’s Franchise Agreement expiration in 2032).

    The full Board of Directors requires that for all scenarios, the committee must present a list of implications and effects (both positive and negative) for LPEA and its members. These implications could include possible risks, costs, benefits and legal and contractual obligations, as well as likely outcomes.

    The committee does not have the authority to bind LPEA or commit LPEA to any course of action. Any vote or decision taken by the committee in fulfilling its duties and responsibilities shall only be for the purposes of fulfilling the assigned actions of the committee.

    LPEA, a Touchstone Energy Cooperative established in 1939, provides to its more than 30,000 members, with in excess of 42,000 meters, safe, reliable electricity at the lowest reasonable cost, while being environmentally responsible. For additional information, contact LPEA at 970.247.5786 or visit www.lpea.coop.