• LPEA On-Site Net Metering Program

    Pagosa Middle School Solar installation

    Encourages distributed renewable energy projects

    As part of the LPEA Board of Director’s commitment to renewable energy, LPEA’s Net Metering Program allows owners of on-site renewable generation systems access to interconnect feeding power into the electric grid and spin their meters backwards.

    LPEA offers an optional Renewable Energy Credit (REC) contract and REC payment (per Policy 359) for residential or commercial, grid-tied installations located within LPEA’s service territory.   

    LPEA allows the meter to spin backwards up to the point where a member’s monthly generation offsets all their monthly usage.  The excess generation is carried over for a twelve month period ending in April.  In April of each year, the member is credited at LPEA’s average wholesale cost. The net metering program may eliminate the need for members to integrate costly batteries into their system; it values member generation at a fair rate and helps to ensure a safe installation.

    Net Metered and Interconnected Review Challenges

    On-Site Net Metering Details:


    LPEA's Net Metering (NM 14) Tariff




    For more information contact Amanda Miles 970.382.3504 or amiles@lpea.coop.

    Option for electronic submission of Interconnection Application, send to renewables@lpea.coop.