• 2015-2020 LPEA Strategic Plan


    Technology Innovation
            LPEA will Identify peoples, processes, and policies that contribute to LPEA's culture of safety excellence on an annual basis, enhancing communication and employee engagement in the safety program. With a commitment to the "Quest for Zero," LPEA will identify areas of focus for improvement.    
            LPEA will communicate effectively with all of its members, communities and constituent groups to experience year-over-year improvement in member communication.    
            With a goal to help members reduce their electric bills, LPEA will retain/institute programs and provide education to help members understand how to manage, conserve and use electricity more efficiently, as well as participate in local, distributed generation options to reduce members' carbon footprint.    
            With a goal to continually improve reliability and power quality, LPEA will identify metrics and support operations/maintenance efforts, as well as explore and implement alternatives and technology for gathering system operational information.    
            LPEA with a focus on environmental and resource stewardship, will work as a member of Tri-State Generation and Transmission to ensure value and reliability in bulk power services, and identify reliable, sustainable, local resources.    
            Establish Risk Competencies that enable LPEA to identify risks, assess and mitigate where necessary, to achieve greater success in business planning and plan execution.    
            Evaluate and select technologies that continue to provide improved reliability or bring further efficiencies to corporate business processes.    
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